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Jennifer Young plays the French Horn and has been with the Northshore Concert Band since 2007. She is a University administrator and lives in Evanston, Illinois. Jennifer is also Northshore Concert Band’s secretary.

When and why did you start playing? My three older brothers played brass instruments but none of them played French horn.

What do you enjoy most about playing? Collaborating with my friends to make music. I respect them and enjoy them so much.

Do you have a favorite musical memory?  My graduate recital. It remains my proudest accomplishment ever.

What are your musical influences? I have diverse taste in music – from musical theater to 80s hairbands to rap/hip hop – I love everything!

Who was your most influential music teacher? Earle Dickinson – my high school band director

Does anyone in your family play music? My three older brothers are musicians.

What’s on your iPod? Everything!

Do you have any advice for young musicians? Practice!

What makes performing with Northshore Concert Band different from performing with other groups? We come to rehearsal and perform because we want to – we’re volunteering our time to be there. It’s unusual to produce such a high quality in a volunteer group. It’s a closeknit group, too – when my dad passed away earlier this year I was completely blown away by the support I received from everyone. It meant so much to me.

List three words to describe the Northshore Concert Band. Musical Fun Family

Please add anything else that you would like our readers to know about you.  I marched in the Rose Bowl parade when I was 18. A once in a lifetime experience!

***Jennifer’s picture was taken at Wrigley Field last fall when the Chicago Cubs clinched the NLDS against the St. Louis Cardinals.


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